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Our Team

Our team comprises a dedicated group of experienced, passionate, and professionally adept security specialists.  They possess exceptional expertise in security investigations and risk assessments.  We are devoted to upholding the highest ethical standards and confidentiality, ensuring the utmost protection of your information and interests.

We deeply understand that every client has distinct needs and challenges.  As such, we are committed to closely collaborating with you, comprehending your specific requirements, and offering customized solutions.  Our team is wholeheartedly dedicated to providing high-quality, dependable security investigation services to assist you in achieving your objectives and ensuring your safety.

Andrea Duke
General Manager

Ms. Andrea Duke is the General Manager of InSpark Corporation, where she brings exceptional expertise and extensive experience in the field of security. As the General Manager, she is responsible for leading and managing the overall operations and strategic development of the company. With a broad background, she has held senior positions in law enforcement agencies and corporate security consulting firms, accumulating profound industry insights and leadership capabilities. Andrea excels in formulating and executing effective security strategies, ensuring the comprehensive protection of organizational assets and confidential information. She also possesses excellent communication and team leadership skills, enabling her to collaborate with cross-functional teams and achieve common security objectives. Andrea has made significant contributions to the development of InSpark Corporation and the success of its clients through her outstanding professional competence and leadership talents.

Maria Gordian ( Chief Security Advisor)

Maria Gordian has over 15 years of experience in the security industry. She possesses extensive knowledge and professional skills in various areas of security investigation and risk assessment. Maria has played key roles in multiple significant projects, successfully assisting companies in resolving complex security challenges. She actively engages in industry research and maintains close connections with professional organizations, ensuring a keen insight into the latest security trends and threats. Her expertise and experience enable her to provide tailored security solutions for businesses, helping them protect critical assets and data while enhancing overall security defenses.

John Thompson (Cybersecurity Expert)

John Thompson is the cybersecurity expert on our team, specializing in investigating network intrusions and data breaches. He has extensive research and practical experience in the field of cybersecurity, enabling him to quickly identify and respond to various online threats. He has assisted numerous organizations in resolving cybersecurity issues and providing effective security measures.

Peter Brown ( Partner)

Peter Brown is one of the partners at our security investigation company, bringing extensive professional knowledge and experience in the field of security. As a partner, he collaborates with other partners in strategic planning and business development for the company. Peter Brown has rich practical experience in security investigations, risk assessments, and security consulting, enabling him to provide high-quality services to clients.

Matthew Ryder ( Digital Forensics Expert)

Matthew Ryder is our team's highly proficient digital forensics specialist, demonstrating exceptional expertise in computer forensics and data recovery technologies. With his extensive knowledge base and vast experience, he adeptly conducts comprehensive examinations of digital devices and networks, meticulously unearthing crucial evidence vital to investigations. Leveraging state-of-the-art tools and advanced methodologies, he meticulously traces intricate digital footprints, expertly recovers deleted or encrypted data, and skillfully analyzes complex digital trails. Matthew Ryder's profound expertise extends across diverse domains, encompassing network forensics, mobile device forensics, and incident response. His invaluable contributions greatly facilitate investigators in resolving intricate cases involving digital evidence. As an exacting and detail-oriented professional, Matthew's exceptional skills and profound knowledge empower our team to effectively handle intricate digital forensics investigations, ensuring the utmost integrity and admissibility of evidence in legal proceedings.

Stephanie Moench (Political and Economic Risk Assessment Specialist)

Stephanie Moench is responsible for conducting political and economic risk assessments and providing clients with decision support and risk management advice. She analyzes global political environments and economic trends to evaluate their impact on businesses and investment portfolios. She utilizes quantitative and qualitative research methods to conduct risk assessments and forecasts, assisting clients in developing strategic plans. She prepares comprehensive reports to explain risk assessment results to clients and provide response.

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