Teledyne unveils Rogue 1 exploding drone sought by Marine Corps

Teledyne FLIR Defense plans to provide more than 100 of its Rogue 1 attack drone, capable of targeting infantry and armored vehicles, to the U.S. Marine Corps this year.

The anticipated deliveries follow the company’s selection to the Organic Precision Fires-Light initiative, which seeks to arm Marines with easy-to-use, explosives-laden unmanned aerial systems. Teledyne is one of three companies competing for orders on the potential $249 million OPF-L arrangement; the two others are AeroVironment and Anduril Industries. AeroVironment said an initial order was valued at nearly $9 million.

Rogue 1 weighs about 10 pounds and can be retrieved from a carrying tube. Its quadcopter features fold out, and it is capable of vertical takeoff and landing, or VTOL, meaning no additional launching gear is required.

Its interchangeable warhead — for training, for taking out troops on foot, and for blasting through armor — sits on a gimbal and is coupled with sensors. Should the drone not explode or be recalled, it can be disarmed and reused thanks to a mechanical disconnect.

Brian Bills, the company’s director of UAS products, told C4ISRNET what makes Rogue 1 stand out is its VTOL design as well as the accuracy with which troops can hit a target.